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North Carolina Department of Environment Quality

NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Water Quality - Test Page

Water Quality

Welcome to the North Carolina

Division of Water Resources

DWR's Mission -

To protect, enhance and manage North Carolina's surface water and groundwater resources for the health and welfare of the citizens of North Carolina, and the economic well-being of the state. DWR's mission is implemented through water monitoring programs, efficient permitting, responsible management, fair and effective enforcement and excellence in public service.

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The DWR Public Events Calendar lists notices, meetings, hearings, workshops and other opportunities for public participation.

Notices: Proposed action on which you may comment. All comments are included in recommendations.

Meetings are your opportunity to learn more about a division action/proposal and discuss with staff and others who are interested.

Hearings are held to gather oral and written comments from the public on a proposed action.

How do I use the DWR Public Calendar?


River Basin Advisory Commissions

NC Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board

Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission

Well Contractors Certification Commission

NC Commission for Public Health

Environmental Management Commission (EMC)

   EMC Committees:
       WQC - Water Quality Committee
       WAC - Water Allocation Committee
       GWC - Ground Water Committee
       NPDESC - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Committee

Business Operations Group

Budget Office

Grants Management Program

Information Processing Unit

Staff Services Office

Technical Assistance and Certification Unit

Public Information

Public Records Access, Policies and Fees