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Fisheries Glossary T-Z


TAC - See total allowable catch.

TIP - See trip interview program.

Territorial Sea - The area from average low-water mark on the shore out to three miles for the states of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, and out to nine miles for Texas and the west coast of Florida. The shore is not always the baseline from which the three miles are measured. In such cases, the outer limit can extend further than three miles from the shore.

Total Allowable Catch (TAC) - The annual recommended catch for a species or species group. The regional council sets the TAC from the range of the allowable biological catch.

Total Length - The length of a fish as measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail.

Total Mortality (Z) - A measurement of the rate of removal of fish from a population by both fishing and natural causes. Total mortality can be reported as either annual or instantaneous. Annual mortality is the percentage of fish dying in one year. Instantaneous mortality is that percentage of fish dying at any one time. The rate of total mortality may vary from species to species.

Trip Interview Program (TIP) - *A cooperative state-federal commercial fishery dependent sampling activity conducted in the Southeast region of NMFS, concentrating on size and age information for stock assessments of federal, interstate, and state managed species. TIP also provides information on the species composition, quantity, and price for market categories, and catch-per-unit effort for individual trips that are sampled.
*Added by Wallace et al.


Underutilized Species - A species of fish that has potential for large additional harvest.

Unit Stock - A population of fish grouped together for assessment purposes which may or may not include all the fish in a stock.


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