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Stormwater Permit Fees

(Category A) See Notes 1,2
New Permit Application Fee /  Annual Fee
Major Modification Fee
See Note 3
Major Individual NPDES Permits
Minor Individual NPDES Permits
Single-family Residences NPDES
Stormwater Discharge General Permits NPDES
Not Applicable
State Stormwater ("Post-Construction" Stormwater)
Regular - New App. & Mod. (H & L)
Regular - Plan Revision
No fee
Regular - Redevelopment Exclusion
No fee
Express - New App. & Major Mod. (L)
Express - New App. & Major Mod. (H)
Express - Minor Mod. (L)
Express - Minor Mod. (H)
Express - Offsite (H)
Express - General
Express - Plan Revision (H or L)
Express - Redevelopment Exclusion
Miscellaneous Activities
Project Fee
Permit Renewal
$505 for State Stormwater Renewals
No Fee for NPDES Renewals
Minor Permit Modification
No Fee for NPDES
See above for State Stormwater Mod.




















  1. Refer to the definitions below for specific descriptions of each activity category.
  2. For new permit requests under activities listed in Category A, a fee equivalent to the corresponding annual fee is required. This fee is non-refundable if the permit request is denied. If the permit is granted, this fee applies as the annual fee for the first year after permit issuance.

Definitions of Permitted Activites

Major Individual NPDES Permits
>= 1.0 million gallons per day. Industries with high toxic potential; municipalities with pretreatment programs; municipal stormwater permits.

Minor Individual NPDES Permits
< 1.0 million gallons per day. Industries with low toxic potential; municipalities; small domestic waste facilities; industrial stormwater permits.

Single Family Residences
All individual systems covered under NPDES General Permit Number NCG550000 and non-discharge single family residential systems.

Stormwater Discharge General Permits
Facilities covered under statewide General NPDES Permits. Common examples include: mine dewatering, vehicle maintenance activities, etc.

State Stormwater
New development in the 20 coastal counties.  New development located throughout the state near designated sensitive waters (i.e., High Quality Waters, Outstanding Resource Waters).  New development throughout the state in Phase II Post-Construction areas.

Express – Express SW permitting program only available in the 20 coastal counties.
H – High density project
L – Low density project