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Environmental Assistance and Customer Service - 2012 RBAC Grant Winners

Environmental Assistance and Customer Service

Recycling Business Assistance Center

2012 Recycling Business Grant Winners

In 2012, the N.C. Recycling Business Assistance Center awarded about $800,000 in grant funding, leveraging a pledged investment from the selected grantees in cash match of more than $3.5 million.

A focus of the 2012 Recycling Business Development grant round was on proposals that addressed construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling, and food waste collection and composting. The grants ranged from $2,800 to $40,000. If all the projects are successful, the projects will create more than 270,000 tons of additional recycling capacity in North Carolina.

Selected projects include:

A Greener World Recycling, Inc. ($2,800) — A Greener World (Millers Creek) will purchase recycling bins and a dependable collection vehicle to assist in servicing their expanding customer base. Contact: Amanda Hamby, (336) 657-1003.

AAA Hauling of NC ($40,000) — AAA Hauling (Fayetteville) will purchase mobile material handling equipment to more efficiently move incoming loads of C&D and sorted material. Contact: Kenneth Hardin, (910) 321-6037.

Abbey Green, Inc. ($40,000) — Abbey Green will install a fixed trommel section to their fines line to enhance the screening on their production line. Contact: Jim Bryan, (336) 785-2130.

American Recycling of WNC ($20,000) — American Recycling (Candler) will purchase a skid steer loader to sort cardboard on the MRF tipping floor for direct baling. Contact: Ron Moore, (828) 418-0777.

Antique Reclaimed Lumber ($23,000) — Antique Reclaimed Lumber (Nebo) will purchase equipment and expand the processing capabilities at their existing wood reclamation facility. Contact: Michele Price, (828) 659-9062.

APAC Atlantic, Inc. ($20,000) — APAC – Atlantic (Greensboro) will install a 65" x 100" clear span fabric building at their asphalt plant in Asheboro. This will allow APAC to store processed tear-off asphalt shingles out of the elements. Contact: Marvin Hylton, (336) 412-6855.

Barnhill Contracting ($25,000) — Barnhill (Tarboro) will install a recycling bin, conveyor and other components to produce asphalt mixes using recycled shingles at their asphalt plant in Rocky Mount. Contact: David Glover, (252) 823-1021.

Benfield Sanitation Services ($20,000) — Benfield Sanitation Services (Statesville) will be installing a conveyor system under the glass breaker at their existing MRF in Mooresville. Contact: Brian Burgess, (704) 663-1513.

BlackGold Operating Services, LLC ($20,000) — BlackGold (Charlotte) will offer a location for commercial haulers to recycle their fats, oils and grease waste from restaurant grease traps. This will be processed into a bio-fuel for use in industrial boilers. Contact: Emily Landsburg, (215) 253-5844.

Boggs Paving ($30,000) — Boggs Paving (Monroe) will invest in a set of truck scales at their asphalt shingle recycling plant. Contact: Drew Boggs, (704) 289-8482 x291.

Coastal Ladies Carting ($10,000) — Coastal Ladies Carting (Wilmington) will purchase front-load dumpsters and residential containers for recycling. Contact: Kelly Buffalino, (910) 313-2556.

DC Foam ($10,000) — DC Foam (Morrisville) will purchase a collection truck to assist in expanded carpet recovery in the Greensboro and Winston Salem market areas. Contact: Louis Renbaum, (301) 502-9503.

Elastrix, LLC ($20,000) — Elastrix (Pilot Mountain) will purchase eight Smooth Mills that will be used for loop milling in their rubber recycling plant. Contact: Bruce Maxwell, (336) 302-2402.

Envision Plastics ($15,000) — Envision Plastics (Reidsville) will install equipment to recover and dry "sinkers" from their sink/float sorting process. Contact: Scott Booth, (336) 342-9841.

Foster-Caviness Foodservice ($40,000) — Foster Caviness (Charlotte) will construct a building and install additional worm bins and pre-processing equipment to expand their on-site vermi- composting system. Contact: Jeff Gorelick, (704) 329-7264.

Gallins Family Farm ($38,700) — Gallins Family Farm (Winston-Salem) will expand its food waste collection and composting operation with the addition of collection containers, a collection truck modification to include a dump cylinder and the purchase of a bucket loader. Contact: Peter Gallins, (336) 407-0961.

Greasecycle, LLC ($25,000) — Greasecycle (Raleigh) will purchase an upright 10,000 gallon cone bottom carbon steel tank with heating coils installed and two horizontal 10,000 gallon storage tanks. These tanks will be part of a grease trap waste processing facility. Contact: Dylan Gehrken, (434) 996-7692.

Green Recycling Solutions ($40,000) — Green Recycling Solutions (Maysville) will purchase recycling equipment and rolling stock to assist in the development of their construction and demolition processing facility. Contact: James Maides, (910) 938-5900.

Jackson Paper Manufacturing ($40,000) — Jackson Paper (Sylva) will install equipment to convert waste "rag rope" generated from its recycled fiber mill operations into separate streams of scrap metal and boiler fuel. Contact: Jeff Murphy, (828) 586-5534 ext. 205.

Junk Rescue ($15,000) — Junk Rescue (Charlotte) will purchase 15 hook lift containers for use in their recycling facility to assist in the sorting, storage and movement of material. Contact: Brad Redden, (800) 586-5911.

Kemp Recyclers ($20,000) — Kemp Recyclers (Goldsboro) will purchase an eddy current and cross-belt magnet to assist in the recovery of aluminum and metal at their existing material recovery facility. Contact: Aaron Korangay, (919) 735-2604.

Marves Industries ($10,000) — Marves Industries (Hildebran) will install a recycling line to handle post production scrap as well as accept the return of their customers scrap to be processed and incorporated into new production. Contact: Elias Gomez, (828) 397-4400.

MAYTime Composting Systems ($25,000) — MAYTime Composting (Burnsville) will construct a complete vermiculture and vermi-composting facility. This will consist of two continuous-flow reactor systems housed in metal buildings on concrete pads. Contact: Mark Langer, (828) 231-9352.

Metech Recycling ($10,000) — Metech (Creedmoor) will rebuild a shear shredder at their recycling facility to assist in the destruction and recycling of hard-drive scrap. Contact: Andrew McManus, (919) 528-6000 x5205.

North Davidson Garbage Service ($25,000) — North Davidson Garbage Service (Welcome) will provide 5,000 more residences with recycling bins to increase the tonnage of material collected and processed through their material recovery facility. Contact: Bradley Everhart, (336) 731-4025.

Power Mulch Systems ($10,000) — Power Mulch Systems (Smithfield) will buy and install equipment to produce compost filter socks on pallets for the erosion control and construction industry. Contact: Eddie Foy, (919) 938-4141.

Reflective BevCon, LLC ($10,000) — BevCon (Winston-Salem) will establish an aggregation facility to hold the daily collections of BevCon LLC and other small collectors in the south eastern region of North Carolina. Contact: Bill Clark, (281) 520-0613.

Reflective Recycling, Inc. ($25,000) — Reflective Recycling (Wilson) will place an aggregation center with rail loading in Marion to serve western North Carolina. This collection efficiency will stimulate the increased collection of post consumer glass and contain transport costs. Contact: Steve Bowles, (252) 206-9000.

Shimar Recycling ($10,000) — Shimar (Durham) will construct a concrete dump pad and bunker area to accept corrugated cardboard for baling from other collection contractors. Contact: Will Marley, (919) 680-6262.

Sonoco Recycling – Charlotte ($20,000) — Sonoco (Charlotte) will purchase a new horizontal baler at their MRF to increase baling capacity at this single-stream recycling facility. Contact: Rodney Hannah, (704) 525-8728.

Sonoco Recycling – Onslow ($40,000) — Sonoco (Jacksonville) will purchase a newsprint sorting screen as part of an upgrade to the single-stream material recovery facility in Onslow County. Contact: Ryan Long, (910) 423-8700.

Stoney Creek Lumber ($10,000) — Stoney Creek Lumber (Powellsville) will purchase a mulch coloring machine to assist in adding value to the mulch produced as a byproduct of their pallet recycling business. Contact: Melody Futrell, (252) 332-2188.

Synergy Recycling ($20,000) — Synergy (Madison) has developed procedures that will allow them to concentrate the copper and precious metals for smelting and reclaim the ferrous, aluminum, zinc plastic and glass from the fines prior to smelting. Contact: Joe Clayton, (919) 619-4856.

The Recycling Group, LLC ($15,500) — The Recycling Group (Connelly Springs) will purchase additional roll-up dock doors, and pour additional concrete pads with a covered awning to increase their capacity to recycle at their existing facility. Contact: Rosemarie Williams, (336) 279-8809.

The Scrap Exchange ($10,000) — The Scrap Exchange (Durham), a non-profit creative reuse center, will purchase a portion of 923 Franklin Street to create a permanent home for the organization. Contact: Ann Woodward, (919) 682-2751.

Todco, Inc. ($40,000) — Todco (Lexington) will set up a C&D recycling facility to process materials from Davidson County and surrounding areas. Contact: Todd Warfford, (336) 248-2001.

Waste Management, Inc. ($25,000) — Waste Management (Winston-Salem) will convert their Winston Salem MRF to a $7.8 million single-stream facility to meet demand. Contact: Marla Prince, (770) 590-3336.

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