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Environmental Assistance and Customer Service - 2011 RBAC Grant Winners

Environmental Assistance and Customer Service

Recycling Business Assistance Center

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2011 Recycling Business Grant Winners

The N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach awarded 29 Recycling Business Development Grants, totaling $750,000. The pledged investment from the selected grantees in cash match is more than $3.1 million, or well over three times the total grant dollars awarded. The additional market capacity created by these grants will assist the expansion of local government recycling programs and enhance cost-effective recycling opportunities for residents, businesses and industries across the state.

For the 2011 grant round, criteria was included to give some weight to proposals that address construction and demolition waste recycling, food waste collection, electronics recycling, and recyclers providing services to under-served communities or sectors.

The grants ranged from $10,000 to $40,000. If all the projects are successful, the projects will create more than 186,000 tons of additional recycling capacity in North Carolina.

Overall, DEAO received 58 proposals requesting $1.8 million in funds. Selected projects include:

American Recycling ($40,000) — American Recycling (Hendersonville) will develop a single-stream material recovery facility to serve the Western North Carolina region. Contact: Ron Moore, 864-277-7722.

Wellmark Plastics ($40,000) — Wellmark (Asheboro) will purchase equipment and install a production line capable of separating the material components within bales of discarded plastic apparel hangers to provide high value feed-streams of recyclable plastics. Contact: Cheryl Roberts, 336-498-1881.

APAC - Greensboro ($35,000) — APAC (Greensboro) will install an additional cold feed bin at the company’s asphalt plant in Winston Salem to be able to introduce recycled asphalt shingles into its asphalt mixes. Contact: Marvin Hylton, 336-412-6855.

Earth Farms ($35,000) — Earth Farms (Stanley) will purchase a front end collection truck to help meet the immediate need for food waste collection to supply its commercial compost facility. Contact: Jim Lanier, 704-263-8186.

Greencycle Materials ($35,000) — Greencycle (Durham, Winston-Salem) provides contract grinding and materials processing for manufacturing scrap as well as tear-off recycled asphalt shingles (RAS). A front end loader will be purchased to assist in moving shingle material to and from the processing plant. Contact: Stacy Skubic, 919-793-5843.

Greenville Paving ($35,000) — Greenville Paving (Greenville) will install a new Stationary Recycled Asphalt Cold Feed System to introduce recycled tear-off shingles into the company’s asphalt plant to produce hot mix asphalt. Contact: James Ross, 252-752-8842.

Roll-Tech ($35,000) — Roll-Tech (Hickory) manufactures wheels on molded plastic hubs for industrial applications. Roll-Tech will purchase and install tooling and equipment to manufacture a newly designed wheel comprised of recycled plastics and rubber (crumb). Contact: Todd Blair, 828-431-4515.

American Greenz, Inc. ($30,000) — American Greenz (Morrisville) will purchase and install processing equipment to assist in the recycling of e-scrap at its existing recycling facility. Contact: Mehul “Max” Patel, 919-481-0400.

Benfield Sanitation ($30,000) — Benfield (Statesville) will establish a material recovery facility in Mooresville. The MRF will be a 27,000 square foot building that will house a single stream line complete with sorting screens, picking stations, holding bunkers, a two ram multi-material baler, and office space. Contact: Brian Burgess, 704-872-2668.

FCR, LLC ($30,000) — FCR (Charlotte) will purchase mixed plastics dual sort ejection equipment to assist the optical sorter used to separate aseptic packaging and mixed plastics at its existing MRF. Contact: Stephanie Carr, 704-697-2027.

ICAN ($30,000) — ICAN (Fayetteville) will construct bunkers to avoid contamination of final products, as well purchase equipment to store, load, and deliver products in a clean and efficient manner at its C&D recycling facility. Contact: Bill Hester, 910-486-4226.

Barham Farms ($26,666) — Barham Farms (Zebulon) will build a complete-mix anaerobic digester that will turn food and swine waste into electricity, heat and a nutrient-rich marketable fertilizer. Contact: Julian Barham, 919-365-4401.

Clear Path Recycling ($25,000) — Clear Path (Fayetteville) will purchase a flake sorting and conveying system to produce clean flake from post-consumer PET bottle waste. Contact: Norm Lisson, 910-433-8373.

Unifi Manufacturing ($25,000) — Unifi (Yadkinville) will install two recycling extruders to grow the recycled yarn business it has developed. The ultimate goal is to recycle pre- and post-consumer fabric waste into high quality applications. Contact: Jane Johnson, 336-316-5278.

Danny’s Dumpster, Inc. ($22,000) — Danny’s Dumpster (Leicester) will purchase a recycling collection truck and approximately 100 64-gallon roll-carts to enable expansion of its commercial food waste and recycling collection service. Contact: Natalie Keaton, 828-206-0838.

eCycleSecure ($20,000) — eCycleSecure (Charlotte) will acquire a tractor, allowing for economic service at collection sites that generate small volumes and do not have resources to aggregate and load full trailer quantities of e-scrap. Contact: Brett Rhinehardt, 704-376-1116.

Foothills Connect ($20,000) — Foothills Connect (Rutherfordton) is establishing a Vermiculture Training Center in Rutherford County. Consuming wood chips and fruit & vegetable food waste, the Center will be located on a three-acre site and produce items such as commercial-grade worm castings, compost tea, and live worms. Contact: Tim Will, 828-288-1650.

Green Pieces Recycling ($20,000) — Green Pieces (Albemarle) will purchase 95-gallon roll-carts for single-stream collection in residential and commercial markets in Stanly County and for continued expansion of recycling participation in Albemarle, Misenheimer, New London, Richfield and Stanfield. Contact: Steve Megson, 704-787-4610.

P&S Waste Management ($20,000) — P&S (Warrenton) will purchase a collection truck and carts to assist in the growth of its recycling collection business in Warren County, NC. Contact: Rodney Marshall, 252-505-0252.

Synergy Recycling ($20,000) — Synergy (Madison) will purchase additional trailers to assist in the collection of e-scrap from county and municipal customers. Contact: Joe Clayton, 919-619-4856.

Wake County Habitat ($20,000) — Wake Habitat (Raleigh) will establish a safe and effective outdoor lumber yard and convert current indoor lumber storage into retail space, increasing the sales floor and allowing customer access to the new lumberyard. Contact: Natalie Chesson, 919-744-2420.

Waste Stream Innovations ($20,000) — Waste Stream Innovations (Mills River) will purchase processing equipment to aid in the preparation of agricultural plastics for recycling. WSI seeks to become an intermediate processing center for agricultural plastics in the western North Carolina region. Contact: Andrew Huske, 828-273-7585.

AOK Sanitations ($15,000) — AOK (Raeford) will expand existing residential and commercial curbside recycling service through the purchase of a recycling collection truck with cart tippers, additional roll-carts and containers. Contact: Adriene O. Kemp-Robinson, 910-848-2657.

Simply Green Recycling ($15,000) — Simply Green (Morganton) will purchase new curbside recycling bins, other containers, and an additional vehicle for material collection. Contact: Stephanie Cates, 828-437-1277.

M’Powered Waste & Recycling ($13,000) — M’Powered (Raleigh) will move its recycling processing operations into a new facility in Raleigh. The company will install material processing and cart washing capabilities. Contact: Willis Scott, 919-861-5971.

Suburban Sanitation ($12,000) — Suburban Sanitation (Charlotte) will add an additional rear loading truck to manage recent growth and increase the collection capacity required for its single-stream collection routes. Contact: Nathaniel Ford, 888-600-3148.

Nelon Garbage Service ($11,000) — Nelon (Mill Spring) will purchase a flat bed dumping truck to assist in curbside recycling collection in the towns of Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure. Contact: Michael Nelon, 828-625-4825.

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont ($10,000) — Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont (Charlotte) will improve opportunities for commercial recycling collection with the purchase a 20- to 24-foot box truck with lift-gate to accommodate the collection of roll-out carts and other containers in its service area. Contact: Patrick Darrow, 704-371-3920.

Union County Habitat ($10,000) — Union Habitat (Monroe) will purchase a box truck with lift-gate to assist in the expansion of its current recycling program to include all 50 of the public schools in Union County. Contact: Mike Reece, 704-296-9414.

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