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Environmental Assistance and Customer Service - 2010 RBAC Grant Winners

Environmental Assistance and Customer Service

Recycling Business Assistance Center

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2010 Recycling Business Grant Winners

In 2010, the N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance awarded 31 recycling business development grants, totaling $750,000.

For the 2010 grant round, criteria was included to give some weight to proposals that supported developing infrastructure in response to landfill ban legislation that passed the General Assembly in 2005 and will take effect in 2009 – items included in those bans are wooden pallets, rigid plastic containers, and oil filters. Weight was also given to projects that addressed development in the construction and demolition recycling (C&D) sector.

The grants ranged from $6,275 to $50,000, and if all the projects are successful, will create more than 253,000 tons of additional recycling capacity in North Carolina. Overall, DPPEA received 65 proposals requesting $2.5 million in funds. Selected projects include:

Clear Path Recycling ($50,000) — Clear Path (Fayetteville) will develop a facility to produce clean flake from post-consumer PET bottle waste. Clear Path will separate clear plastic bottles from color bottles, then independently clean and grind these two streams into separate flake products. Contact: Ron Salati, 704-940-7555.

Envision Plastics ($50,000) — Envision (Reidsville) will expand its capacity by 15 million lbs annually through the installation of an additional grind and wash line for HDPE bottles. Contact: Scott Booth, 336-342-4749.

Sonoco Recycling ($50,000) — Sonoco (Charlotte) will install a sorting screen to assist in the development of their new single-stream material recovery facility. Contact: Rodney Hannah, 704-525-8728.

Boggs Paving Inc. ($50,000) — Boggs Paving (Monroe) will purchase a sorting-station conveyor to assist in the development a recycled asphalt shingle processing operation adjacent to their asphalt manufacturing plant. Contact: Carl Boggs, 704-289-8482 Ext 291.

Reflective Recycling ($50,000) — Reflective Recycling (Wilson) will incorporate organic-separator sorting equipment at their existing facility to improve processing of mixed post-consumer plastics, aluminum and glass. Contact: Steve Bowles, 336-251-1025.

Carpenter Design Inc. ($38,000) — Carpenter Design (Rutherfordton) will construct a metal building to provide shelter for the unloading, sorting and preparation of pallets and wood waste material prior to being processed. Contact: Thomas Carpenter, 828-248-9070.

A-1 Sandrock Inc. ($35,000) — A-1 Sandrock (Greensboro) will purchase a larger more fuel efficient loader with a 4.0 cu yd bucket. This machine will significantly reduce operating costs and more efficiently process C&D materials. Contact: Ronnie Petty, 336-855-8195.

Shimar Recycling Inc. ($30,000) — Shimar (Durham) will purchase and install an eddy current, cross-belt magnet, transfer conveyor, and EPS densifier to assist in material processing at their existing recycling facility. Contact: Will Marley, 919-680-6262.

Matangira Curbside Recycling ($30,000) — Matangira Curbside (Salisbury) will expand their existing curbside collection operations through the construction of a 10,000 square foot processing center for recyclable materials. Contact: Nicole Matangira, 704-603-4355.

Earth Farms LLC ($30,000) — Earth Farms (Stanley) will purchase an additional front-end loader to assist in the expansion of composting operations at their existing commercial composting facility. Contact: Jim Lanier, 704-263-8186.

Clayton & Hurdle Disposal Service ($30,000) — Clayton & Hurdle (Hurdle Mills) will expand the collection capacity of their residential recycling operation with the purchase of a recycling collection truck and roll-carts. Contact: Brenda Hurdle, 336-599-5832.

Green Coast Recycling LLC ($25,000) — Green Coast (Wilmington) will expand their existing collection operations with the development of a processing facility and up-fit of an existing collection truck. They will purchase a 60" vertical baler, skid steer loader, cart-tipper and roll-carts. They will also install indoor and outdoor bunkers. Contact: Cliff Cash, 910-471-7747.

Benfield Sanitation Services Inc. ($25,000) — Benfield Sanitation (Statesville) will expand their collection capacity through the purchase of an additional recycling truck and roll-carts. Contact: Jeff McMahan 704-872-2668.

Greenway Recycling ($20,000) — Greenway Recycling (Concord) will purchase a roller mill and trommel screen to assist in the upgrade and expansion of their gypsum recycling operations. Contact: Justin Mueller, 704-897-1236.

Resource Reformers LLC ($20,000) — Resource Reformers (Durham) will expand their anti-freeze and oil filter recycling operation through the construction of a new facility that will be three times larger than their existing location. Contact: Tim Wilkinson, 919-596-3500.

Curbside Management Inc. ($20,000) — Curbside Management (Asheville) will purchase closed-top roll-off containers to expand their drop site services to other locations and increase the efficiency to those already serviced. Contact: Barry Lawson, 828-252-2532.

McMinn Waste Removal ($20,000) — McMinn (Horse Shoe) will expand its recycling program through the purchase a new packer-truck with a recycling cage to increase the collection efficiency for their customers. Contact: Thomas G. McMinn, 828-890-8151.

Crowell Farms Composting Inc. ($18,300) — Crowell Farms (Asheville) will improve material handing at their existing compost facility through the purchase of an additional front-end loader. Contact: Mike Crowell, 828-231-5346.

Absolute Recycling Contractors LLC ($17,500) — ARC (Greensboro) will expand operations through the purchase of ten 40-cubic yard containers to increase their capacity to haul segregated loads of wood and wooden pallets for processing. Contact: Chad Morris, 336-736-2226.

Handle Safe Systems LLC ($15,000) — Handle Safe (Asheville) will install a vibrating screen and auger feed conveyor to improve the tear-off shingle processing line at their existing C&D transfer facility. Contact: James M. "Mike" Griffin, 828-285-9544.

Pallet One of NC Inc. ($15,000) — PalletOne (Newton) will expand their recycling operations by re-opening their existing Newton facility as a pallet recycling site. Contact: Amy Gibson, 919-837-2105.

Green Pieces Recycling ($15,000) — Green Pieces (Albemarle) will purchase roll-cart containers to expand and improve residential recycling collection in Stanly, Montgomery and Rowan Counties. Contact: Steve Megson, 704-787-4610.

Antique Reclaimed Lumber LLC ($15,000) — Antique Reclaimed Lumber (Nebo) will increase their capacity for material handling through the retrofit of an existing building for their processing operation, and construction of additional storage space. Contact: Michelle Price, 828-659-9062.

Planet Recycling Inc. ($13,300) — Planet Recycling (Charlotte) will purchase material handling equipment to improve the efficiency of their existing processing operation. Contact: Nancy Couture, 704-846-6613.

Hampstead Trash Service Inc. ($13,300) — Hampstead Trash (Hampstead) will purchase a truck and roll-carts to increase the efficiency of their curbside recycling operation. Contact: William R. Shirley, 910-270-2997.

Danny's Dumpster Inc. ($12,000) — Danny's Dumpster (Leicester) will purchase a trailer with a candy-cane lift to improve the efficiency of their existing food-waste, and recycling collection operations. Contact: Natalie Keaton, 828-206-0838.

Johnson Bros. Utility & Paving Co. Inc. ($10,000) — Johnson Bros. (Lillington) will purchase lab equipment and supplies allowing them to perform required asbestos testing in-house for the utilization of tear-off asphalt shingles in their asphalt production. Contact: J. Carson Harrington, 910-893-8378.

The Recycling Group LLC ($10,000) — The Recycling Group LLC (Connelly Springs) will purchase a dump trailer for glass, and wheeled collection containers for plastics to improve material handling at their existing recycling processing facility. Contact: Rosemarie Williams, 336-510-6903.

Etowah Lions Services Inc. ($10,000) — Etowah Lions Services (Etowah) will purchase a recycling-body to install on their existing box-truck to improve collection efficiency for their curbside collection operation. Contact: Debbie Hicks, 828-891-3071.

Recycle Genie LLC ($10,000) — Recycle Genie (Greensboro) will purchase a recycling collection truck to assist in the growth of their commercial recycling collection operations. Contact: Jennifer Ingram, 336-408-7866.

NC Wasteless Recycling ($6,275) — NC Wasteless (Southern Pines) will purchase a recycling collection truck and containers to assist in the growth of their residential and commercial collection operations. Contact: Russell Vansant, 917-587-6512.

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