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North Carolina Department of Environment Quality

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Sustainability - Sustainability


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This is a static portlet guiding users to new and archived DENR Sustainability Conferences.

To inspire a
culture of sustainability
within DENR by promoting
environmentally responsible actions.

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Green Square Complex Policies

  • Animals/Pets - policy icon


    Assist animals are allowed in the building. Any other animals must be kept at home, including fish or frog aquariums.

  • Audio Visual Technology - policy icon

    Audio/Visual Technologies

    Audio/visual technologies (such as, computer projectors, DVD Players, Televisions, audio recording, and video recording equipment) should be placed on the lowest power settings as specified by the manufacturer at all times, and powered off when not in use.

  • Bikes/Mobility Devices - policy icon

    Bikes/Mobility Devices

    Mobility devices required for ADA may be brought into the building. All other bicycles or other mobility devices must be stored in one of the designated bicycle racks, or outside of the building.

  • Breakroom and Common Areas - policy icon

    Breakroom and Common Areas

    Breakrooms are provided for employee use. Please keep these areas clean by cleaning up after yourself. No dishes are to be left in the sinks. All refrigerators will be emptied every two weeks.

  • Children - policy icon


    Children shall be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times while in the building.

  • Conference Rooms - policy icon

    Conference Rooms

    All conference rooms are on a centralized reservation system and may be reserved in advance. Book only the size room you need for your meeting and allow larger-sized conference rooms to be available for larger meetings. Keep the conference room areas neat and clean by tidying the room after your meeting.

  • Desktop Power Management - policy icon

    Desktop Power Management

    All computer equipment should be set to minimize energy use and be turned off when not in use.

  • Equipment/Material Validation - policy icon

    Equipment/Material Validation

    An equipment/material needs assessment shall be performed prior to the purchase of new equipment. Where standards are applicable, the number of equipment/materials shall not exceed the standard per employee amount.

  • Facility Glass - policy icon

    Facility Glass

    The exterior and interior glass walls in the Green Square Complex were designed to allow natural light into the core of the building. Blocking this light by any means is prohibited. The south wall of the DENR building will have blinds that are communal property. Please respect your neighbor before you close or open the blinds. No office sidelight or clerestory glass will be blocked by blinds or any other material. Nothing will be attached to the north glass wall.

  • Facility Lighting - policy icon

    Facility Lighting

    All lights not controlled by an automatic control are to be shut off when not in use.

  • Facility Temperature - policy icon

    Facility Temperature

    Facility temperature should be managed by the facility manager. Requests regarding building temperature changes should be made to the facility manager. Individuals may adjust the temperature and air flow into their office by adjusting the under floor air diffuser(s) in their office.

  • Food and Drink - policy icon

    Food and Drink

    Employees may eat and drink in break areas, at employee desks and in conference rooms. Please be tidy and clean up after yourself. No food is to be left open overnight. All foodstuffs should be in sealed plastic or metal containers. If a spill occurs, notify facility manager immediately.

  • Green Events Planning - policy icon

    Green Events Planning

    All events should be planned using the Green Events Planning Guide (website location to be given).

  • Green Purchasing - policy icon

    Green Purchasing

    Each division responsible for making purchases shall ensure that when a item exists in a "green" or "sustainable" form and is within budget, the division considers purchasing that item.

  • Indoor Air Quality - policy icon

    Indoor Air Quality

    The following items are to be limited to use only in the shower rooms and bathrooms (separate ventilation systems): strong colognes and perfumes, hair spray, and other personal use items. Omit from using or applying the following in the Green Square Complex due to fire hazards, indoor air quality and chemical sensitivity of employees: candles, potpourri, heated potpourri pots, nail polish, nail polish remover, scented sprays, furniture polish, sterno cans, and air fresheners.

  • Personal Heating/AC Units - policy icon

    Personal Heating/AC Units

    Employees may not have personal heating/ac units.

  • Personal Kitchen Equipement - policy icon

    Personal Kitchen Equipement

    Kitchen style equipment is to be housed within break rooms only. Employees may not have kitchen equipment within their work areas. Kitchen equipment includes, but is not limited to: coffee pots, mini-fridges, toaster ovens, microwaves, hot pots, etc.

  • Personal Lighting - policy icon

    Personal Lighting

    The Green Square Complex will contain both under cabinet and LED task lights. If additional personal lighting is required an exception form must be approved by the facility manager. At a minimum the additional personal lighting must be LED, as ALL lighting in the DENR building is LED. All lighting must be turned off when not in use.

  • Plants - policy icon


    Plants are allowed in the building. However, if chemical treatment is needed or bug infestation occurs, they must be treated outside of the building. No plant should obstruct the natural light flow to the center of the building.

  • Printers/Copiers - policy icon


    All printers/copiers that do not have a "sleep mode" or equivalent must be shut down at night where not prohibited.

  • Printing - policy icon


    All printers that are capable of printing two-sided documents are to be used at all times except where prohibited. All non-official use printing must be done in black and white.

  • Rugs and Tapestries - policy icon

    Rugs and Tapestries

    To minimize the introduction of air pollutants and sources of emissions in the building, employees should not bring home furnishings from their home or other areas into the office. This includes rugs and tapestries. Walls may be decorated with other non-fabric items such as framed items, as long as the wall hangings do not obstruct day lighting.

  • Showers - policy icon


    Showers, lockers and changing rooms are provided for employee use on a first come/first served basis. Keep this area clean and neat. Do not leave personal items in the shower or locker room unless locked in a locker. All locks should be removed every night.

  • Smoking - policy icon


    Smoking is not permitted in the building (see state law). All smokers must be at least 25 ft away from the building, or in designated smoking area and use ash urns provided.

  • Travel and Vehicle Use - policy icon

    Travel and Vehicle Use

    Travel is to be kept to a minimum. Employees must carpool when possible and select the most fuel efficient vehicle to suit the task. (See also statewide "Vehicle policy").

  • Visitors - policy icon


    All visitors must check in at the security desk, and be accompanied by an employee at all times while in the building. Employees should inform visitors to follow all sustainable policies.

  • Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling - policy icon

    Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling

    All employees must recycle all recyclable items. Bins available for recycling include: Paper, Aluminum, Glass, Plastic, Newspaper and Cardboard.

  • Workplace Decorations - policy icon

    Workplace Decorations

    Personal work area decorations are not to consume electricity, and shall not obstruct natural lighting.

Don't Pollute... Smart Commute

  • Purchased Recycled Oil
  • Pack A Lunch
  • One Up, Two Down
  • Work From Home
  • Teleconference
  • Stay Inflated
  • Combine Errands
  • Bike To Bus
  • Carpool/Vanpool

Download the pdf poster [right-click and save] to spread the word in your location


Sustainability By the Numbers

27,847 North Carolinians attended Earth Day celebrations at DENR facilities

10,259 Dollars saved as a direct benefit by the 2012 DENR Sustainability Award projects

1,629 Individuals viewed the DENR Sustainability webpage. Web visits peak with up to 466 daily visitors when Greener DENR articles are published

500 Pounds of electronic waste collected for recycling from Green Square and the Archdale Building

350 Pounds of organic waste diverted from the Wake County Landfill by composting food scraps, coffee grounds and filters at the Archdale Building

281 DENR Employees participated in the Raleigh area "Commute Smart" survey

158 People attended the 2013 DENR Sustainability Conference-120 individuals were on location and 38 more attended via a webinar

152 Projects completed since inception of the DENR Sustainability Team in 2000

93 Pledges for the Smart Commute challenge

62 Businesses and facilities recognized by N.C. Green Travel

23 DENR divisions active with the Sustainability Team

22 Presenters and exhibitors at the 2013 Sustainability Conference

14 Sustainability award nominations from 9 DENR facilities

6 Award winners representing 4 divisions

The following awards were presented by Assistant Secretary Brad Ives at the 2013 Sustainability Conference:

  • Group Award:
    • N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation at New River State Park
    • N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation at Ft. Macon State Park
  • Individual Large Project Award:
    • N.C. Division of Water Quality
    • N.C. Aquarium at Jennette's Pier
  • Individual Small Project Award:
    • N.C. Zoo
    • N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation at Ft. Macon State Park

5 DENR staff members attended the State Energy Office Sustainability Conference

3 Divisions recognized for their achievements in the Green Square lobby

1 LEED Platinum certification achieved

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