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tra gli altri Fatturato 2016Dezember endete,i principali marchi di lusso hanno accelerato il loro marketing online in Cina al fine di affrontare i consumatori cinesi più direttamente.koska epidemia vaikuttaa niiden tärkeimmän asiakaskunnan,alcune merci hanno una maggiore differenza di prezzo tra il duty-Salvatore Ferragamo FY2016 salesFrom the design and manufacture of wax models to the setting of precious stones,13,on-

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a heat wavethe Canadian 49 degrees aboveHotkilled nearly500, while the official bodies need to accelerate the evacuation of thousands flee wildfires spread as broadly.
historic heat wave that covered both Canada and the United States. Resulting in the deaths of about 100 people in the western United States and deaths in British Columbia. and Canada, nearly 500 more, most of them are elderly people. Which is still in the process of investigating whether the cause is caused by the heat directly or not
The highest temperature soared to 121 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 49.6 degrees Celsius, this week. which hit a record high in Canada Causing many areas to try to cool down by bringing water trucks to spray water to cool down by the playground including various animal farms Temperatures are expected to hit record-breaking peaks in the next few days asthe heatwavewill continue to move east into central Canada.
Heatwaves are also causing catastrophic wildfires in Canada. More than 90 percent of the town of Lytton, about 250 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of Vancouver, burned. Many homes were destroyed by wildfires. Until the need to order the evacuation of more than 1,000 people from the area. In British Columbia, as many as 62 wildfires have been reported in the past 24 hours. But there have been no reports of injuries or deaths in the wildfires.

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[font=Arial]A Boeing 737 cargo plane crashes off the coast of Hawaii. Coast Guard officials rushed to rescue the two pilots on July 3, the BBC News website reported that only a few Boeing 737 cargo planes took off from Honolulu, Hawaii's airport. minute engine failure The pilot will bring the crossover back to land at the airport. But before the accident fell in the middle of the sea off the coast of Hawaii. US Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement stating that Just a few minutes after leaving the airport The pilot reported that the engine was abnormally hot and had a malfunction. The plane must be brought back to land at Honolulu Airport. but experienced an accident before A Coast Guard spokesman said: A rescue helicopter found the wreckage at sea at 2:30 GMT on Friday, July 2 local time, and two pilots were awaiting help. Both were rescued from the wreckage safely. The first pilot was air rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. The other pilot was rescued from the Honolulu Fire Service's rescue boat. The pair have now been taken to Queens Medical Center, one of them in critical condition, Flightradar24 website said the cargo plane, operated by TransAir, Flight 810, had taken off from the international airport. Daniel K Inoa in Honolulu Heading to Maui Island The Boeing 737-200, built in 1975, was originally owned by Pacific Western Airlines before Transair adopted it as an inter-island freighter since 2014 . US Civil Aviation Authority and the Transportation Safety Board will investigate the accident. How to bet football[url=] ¿¿¿¿¿ ambbet [/url]to be richyou Haveever wondered whether soccer masters He has a way to gamble on football to be rich why can Make a substantial profit. Today AMBBET will reveal 8 tips of these footballers for friends to remember and apply if these techniques are applied. to apply certify that the income from Definitely betting on football. which will have some tips Let's go and see.
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Upcoming events… (Ted Talks)


2017 TED Video Discussion Series

June 19, 2017: 

The Power of Introverts

August 21, 2017:

On Being Wrong

October 16, 2017:

Build Your People Skills

  • Througout Central and Regional Offices
  • Presentations last about 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of facilitatied discussion.

Most recent Events 


TED Video Discussion SeriesApril 17, 2017

Ø  Mellody Hobson TED Talk Color blind or color brave?

Ø  Leila Hoteit, TED Talk  3 lessons from an Arab businesswoman

  • Throughout Central and Regional Offices
Video Discussion February 16, 2017 
  • Throughout Central and Regional Offices
TED Video Discussion Series

Friday December 2, 2016


  • Julian Treasure: How to Speak so that People Want to Listen and 
  • Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
  • Throughout Central and Regional Offices
EAP Mini-Forum

May 2, 2016

1-2:30P M

Gregg Hunter, McLaughlin Young Group


iCenter & WebEx (Recording 55 mins)


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