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Information Technology Services (ITS) - Information Technology Services - Meeting Minutes - Web Portal Team

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Meeting Minutes - Web Portal Team

Nov. 10, 2011


Intranet Homepage

  • Suggestion: Add links in the main menu on the left for the manager's forum and E2 forum.
  • Talked about adding an internal calendar to the intranet for DENR employee events such as E2, SECC, flu shots, etc.

DENR Rule-Tracking Page

  • So far, only DCM and DWQ have added rule changes to this page. DAQ will begin adding theirs as well.
  • If any other regulatory divisions need assistance or training in how to add things to this page, please let know.

DENR Events Calendar

  • Requested that all PIOs have access to update the calendar, and have asked PIOs to let and know who else needs permission.

DENR Contacts Page

  • Reminded everyone to encourage employees to update their account info for the contacts page.
  • Will attempt to get a comprehensive list of DENR employees so we can be certain everyone is listed, and no former employees remain in the contact list.

Sep. 01, 2011


Discussed Searchable Database of Proposed DENR Rules

  • Required by Regulatory Reform Act by Oct. 1
  • John will use DCM's Rule Tracking structure/template as a starting point

Demo of New DENR Intranet Homepage

  • Test page
  • Denise and Brandon did an awesome job!

Discussed Dynamic Footers (Based on Current Community)

  • Still on the todo-stack in the figure-this-out-someday-category

Demo of New Event Calendar

  • DENR
  • DEAO
  • Please remember to forward to M. Walker the names of staff in your division (in addition to PIOs)
    who need access to update the calendar, (and staff who need access to update the rule tracking page).

Jul. 07, 2011


DENR Intranet

  • Make more useful for employees
  • Denise/Brandon showed prototype page
  • Bulletin Board will need a usage policy

Employee Sign-in Landing Page

  • When an employee signs in, have them land on the DENR intranet homepage
    (instead of their division intranet homepage)
  • Have some sort of notice that explains this change

DENR Footer

  • DENR footer currently contains only static info
  • Would like certain elements to be dynamically based on division
  • John will investigate possibility of adding custom velocity variables

DENR Contacts

  • Many employees have not yet added/updated their phone number
  • Locations and sub-organizations need to be added for each organization

DENR Calendar

  • Consider using DWQ calendar DENR-wide

Mar. 03, 2011


DENR Web Suggestions Document - misc list of issues to be addressed

  • Broken links - review and pay particular attention to enforcement section
  • FAQs/Need Help - redundant? No, but make FAQ a sub-page of Need Help
  • Permits tab - only goes to Permit Handbook. Should go to Permits page? No.
  • Enforcement - doc-lib display portlet not ideal. Make nav portlet pages that are 'years'.
  • Financial Assistance and Tax Credits - Rename to Grants, Tax Credits and Financial Assistance
  • Data, Statistics, Reports and Maps - Lots of old/outdated info
  • Briefly discussed usefulness of Feedback emails
  • Currently no effective way for public to report Violations/Emergencies
  • Need to add a Glossary

Style Guide

  • Denise mentioned new portal style guide and standards,
  • Web migration process and
  • Content Creator Manual (Michael's quick start guide and Brandon's style guide)

DENR Intranet Homepage

  • Employee Resources is blank
  • Need to remove Email Migration and DENR University
  • DENR Intranet not used much by employees. Their respective Divisional Intranet pages used more often.
  • Need to setup polls (portlet) asking employess what they would like to see on DENR Intranet

DENR Contacts

  • Demoed on portaltest
  • Should be available after Friday, March 11

Jan. 27, 2011


Team Leader Change

  • Business person instead of technical person preferred
  • Michele Walker chosen

Update on DENR-wide calendar/contacts

  • Contacts first -- will use My Account records with custom attributes
  • Calendar/news releases -- still working on the underlying technical mechanics

Availability of new layouts

  • Four new/modified layouts with additional (optional) columns available

ITS Blog

  • For any DENR employee to view
  • Discussed server upgrade success
  • Discussed performance statistics
  • Discussed forthcoming server move to OITS (western data center)

Google Analytics

  • Gave short demo
  • Easy to setup

State web portal progress

  • DENR hot topics and links will be linked to from the state portal
  • State portal is not a replacement for any department's current web presence

Portal's DENR-wide Search

  • Should not show intranet links
  • Should only show content from web content display portlets (not blogs, message boards, etc.)


  • Currently static
  • Can it be made dynamic based on community?

DENR Intranet Homepage

  • Need a one-stop location that points to downloadable employee forms

Team Meeting Frequency

  • Changed to every-other-month

Oct. 25, 2010


New Server

  • Setup on portaltest this week
  • Upgrade process is transparent to community users and content creators

New Communities

  • No longer need to have Diana Kees approve
  • Discussed possibility of having one community 'host' commissions and boards
  • Discussed possibility of further consolidating color schmes

New Layouts

  • Discussed possibility of changing some layouts to allow a 100 percent wide bottom column
  • Discussed possibility of each community having the footer dynamically display information specific to each community

Error 404

  • Discussed new 404 page
  • Team decided to keep the 'design' McNeirney created

Style Manual

  • Mentioned the DENR style manual dated 2007
  • Showed examples of NCSU style manual
  • Formed a sub-committee to update our style manual

Agency-wide Apps

  • Discussed apps: News Releases, Calendar, Contacts
  • Discussed timeframe for implementation: possibly first of 2011

Division URLs

  • Discussed URL naming conventions for divisions
  • Mentioned DENR owns:

May 20, 2010


Portal Upgrade

  • Planning to be on portal test server by June 1
  • Testing scheduled for 2 weeks before moving to production server

Slow Performance on Current Portal

  • Not a server issue. (Server RAM/CPU never in danger zone)
  • Basically a network bandwidth issue
  • DENR Archdale network backbone upgraded recently (doubled the bandwidth)

Unified Contact List and Unified Calendar

  • Need to consolidate requirements among divisions and programs
  • Starting point will be a consolidation of DWQ/DWM requirements
  • Eventually would also like to see unified "Rules" and unified "Compliance"

Approval Process for New Portal Communities

  • Submit a DOTS ticket
  • Routed to Diana Kees, via John Mcneirney, for approval

Demo of New Portal Theme/Design/Features

  • First Demo was static PDF
  • Second Demo was live version running on Brandon's local server

Nov. 17, 2009


Server Performance Issues

  • Caused by UpClose page code-bug (fixed)
  • Monitoring software acquired (on test server currently)
  • Automated load tester (will simulate many concurrent users)

Success Stories

  • DOTS integration
  • Public Affairs public/private site migrated to portal
  • site

Sites Currently Being Migrated

  • DWQ
  • DWM
  • EEP

Documentation And Training

  • Quick Start videos available (to supplement Content Creator Manual)
  • Training classes to be scheduled

Portal Software Upgrade

  • To version 5.2 (currently 5.1)
  • New theme with 5.2 (built from scratch instead of customizing an out-of-the-box theme)

Demo Of New Theme (Designed By Creative Services)

  • Lighter more neutral colors
  • Banner height reduced (60px max)
  • Divisional banners replace the DENR banner (instead of stack underneath)
  • Userbar (above banner and only visible to signed-in users) now incorporates the public/employee toggle
  • Menubar (below banner) will now grow vertically to accomodate many/long items
  • Search functionality will be available on every page
  • A text-resizer link/button will be available
  • The sidebar column (in a 30/70 layout for example) will not have a different background color
  • Top of footer will have a clickable back-to-page-top bar
  • Footer will contain social media links/icons (Twitter, Facebook, RSS)
  • TMC approval is the next step

Best Practices/Style Guide For Content

  • Datatables (striped plus other choices)
  • Image sizing (reduce Image Gallery upload filesize?)

Demo Of Work-In-Progress (Structures/Templates)

  • DWQ Event Calendar
  • DWM Contact List


  • Provide team members access to other sites (DWQ, DWM, EEP)
  • Next meeting (set for after Dec. 7)

Sep. 16, 2009


Discussed Ground Rules

  • Have an agenda/plan
  • Be prepared; do your homework
  • Start and stop the meeting on time
  • Be courteous, no side conversations
  • No whining.

Discussed Governance Structure

  • The team was originally set up to report to the TAC, but it is believed the TAC will become a committee of TMC, and so will this team.
  • In light of this, it is suggested that the charter be revised.

Web Portal Look and Feel

  • Discussions points-Banners at top eating too much real estate.
  • Column dimensions needing adjustments.
  • Look at other government sites (, NC Dept of Commerce, etc.).
  • Change color scheme for Department pages.
  • Creative Services will develop a few possible new designs or adjusted designs, and review them with the team at the next meeting.
  • Team needs to come up with Style Guide, best practices.
  • Need to determine the list of Divisions required to participate.

WQ Experience/Issues for migration of pages

  • Susan Massengale of WQ discussed the impact of IT consolidation, learning curve, web skills, policies, skill transfer, and work-plans.
  • Discussed WQ's estimated “live” date, and progress thus far.


  • Discussed the importance of instructor-led training vs. using the manual alone.
  • Discussed having a session where users have hands-on access during training.
  • Are developing a quick user guide, at the suggestion of Colleen Sullins (WQ) and the TMC.
  • Discussed the Web Portal Team community's Playground area.

Domain Names

  • URL addresses can be set to whatever domain needed.
  • Any community can be “private-labeled” with a different domain name.
  • For example, WQ (?) and the Jordan Lake Rules ( sites will be using their own domain names.

Web Portal Team Portal Community

  • Use message boards to discuss issues between meetings.
  • Meeting minutes will continue to be posted to the community.


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